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Dalian is a modern port city located on the Liaoning Peninsula at the southern tip of Liaoning Province, China. Due to its excellent location, it is an economic gateway and window to northeastern China. The city administration is very enthusiastic about attracting foreign companies. 
Dalian PLUS is committed to supporting the development of foreign companies, acting as a bridge between the government and foreign enterprises. Follow us on social media to stay up to date.
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Office Rental
Consultation Services
Office Rental
Shared Office Space in Dalian

Shared office space at affordable prices.

Over the past year, you have already learned how to work from home.  Are you really prepared to return to the office full-time? Working from a shared office space can keep you under budget while your business builds, it can also leave you with the mobility to be where you need to... in the field making contacts.  Our shared office has personnel available to answer phones and receive packages while you are out.  Dalian Plus's shared office space is suitable for 2-6 employees, we also have conference rooms available for 20-50 individuals. 

Register a WOFE in Dalian, China

Company Establishment or Changes

Even experienced professionals will likely need help to navigate the complexities of business registration in China.  Do not stress, we can assist you with:

  • The establishment of a corporation
  • The establishment of a branch office or representative office
  • Opening bank accounts
  • Registration changes (Executives, address, reorganization, capital increase, etc.)
  • Clearing, deregistration, and closing agencies.
Work Visa in Dalian China, Work Permit, Residence Permit

Visa & Work Permit Processing; Invitation letters

If you need invitation letters for visa processing or document legalization, please contact us before applying to your local embassy or consulate. 

  • New work permits and work visas (residence permits)
  • We give a prompt response to urgent matters.
  • Extension of work permit and work visa (residence permit), change in work visa type, etc.
  • If you are preparing to get documents authenticated for China, please see our tips.
HR Meeting; Conference Room

Personnel and labor management or consulting.

  • Calculation of salary, personal income tax, etc.
  • Calculation and payments to social insurance and housing fund
  • Recommendations and resolutions of labor disputes
  • Creation and correction of work regulations
Consultation Services
Business Planning;

Business Consultation Services

Our offices also serve as the headquarters for the Dalian Plus Chamber of Commerce. Our network of professionals throughout the city offer a range of consulting services that can fit the needs of almost any industry.

Translating Documents for China

Translation Services

  • Document translation [Chinese  Japanese | Chinese  English | Chinese  Korean]
  • Check and notarize translations for submission to Dalian government offices.

Visa Application Agency for Chinese Citizens planning to travel abroad

We help Chinese citizens process visa applications to travel abroad. We can process short-term business visas and long-term working visas to stay for a year or more. We can also help process permits or Hong Kong and Macau.


Shan Shui S Hotel in Dalian China

ShanShui S Hotel (山水S酒店)

We are located on the 17th floor of the ShanShui S Hotel. This beautiful hotel with comfortable rooms offers all of the amenities a westerner would be accustomed to.  It also offers meeting rooms for 20 or 50 people. If you or your team need to travel to Dalian frequently, this venue provides a comfortable location to work from. 
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Pavilion Mall in Dalian China

Pavilion Mall

It is a 10 minute walk down a calm street before you get to the Pavilion Mall in downtown Dalian. Whether you plan to treat partners to a good meal, shop for western imports, or just pick up your morning coffee, this mall will meet your expectations. At this high-end mall you will find Starbucks, Tim Horton's, Ole and many other western brands.

Map of Dalian, Pavillion Mall, Train Station


The Number 2 Metro line is within a 10 minute walk, providing convenient transportation to the Dalian Zhoushuizi Airport and the Dalian North Train Station. 

The Dalian Train Station and Number 3 Metro line are a short taxi ride away. (less than 15 RMB)