Twisted Handle Paper Bags by Sunbox
Made to order. Design yourself or let us help you through the process.
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Opening a WOFE in China:
Turn your Business Plan into a Business Scope
When preparing a business plan, don't forget to think about your business scope. If you want to open a WOFE in China, registering your company will require a clear understanding of the steps and regulations.
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G.NEXT Indoor Golf Center
G.NEXT Indoor Golf Centers are located in ZhongShan Qu and KaifaQu. Keep your game up at the driving range or get a private room to play 18 holes with friends.
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China's 2022 Holiday Calendar
Mark the dates or download as a csv file to import directly into your electronic calendar.
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Simplify Invoice Requests! 微信发票助手
Simplify the process of requesting invoices with WeChat's Invoice Assistant.
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会社設立; ビザ | 労働許可 ; 人事代行 ; アドバイザリーサービス ; 翻訳
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The Financial Times ranks Dalian Free Trade Zone as Best in Asia and 3rd Globally
Foreign Direct Investment (fDi) Intelligence, a service from the Financial Times, released their global ranking of Free Trade Zones (FTZ). Dalian received awards and honorable mentions throughout.
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Vaccination Boosters Start in Dalian
Who qualifies for boosters in Dalian? Which booster will you get?
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ShanShui S Hotel (山水S酒店)
A beautiful hotel centrally located in Dalian with comfortable rooms and the amenities a foreigner would be accustomed to.
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中国では新型コロナワクチン接種を受けた方へ 上記を取りたい場合、ご用意ものは下記通りです。
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Translate & Certify Vaccination Records for Overseas Travel
If you received the COVID-19 vaccine in China and are planning to travel abroad, you may need a translated and certified copy of your vaccination record.
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Whether or not you already have a Chinese work permit, you should learn more about the point system used to qualify for or upgrade your work permit!
When you apply for a work permit in China, you are classified into a three tier system based on your skill, educational background, work history, and income. This form will help you determine if you qualify!
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The educational system in Liaoning will see an overhaul that starts this month. | 辽宁省的学制改革马上开始了!
China's new "double reduction" policy is about to bring about a lot of changes in the educational system.
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Dalian Foreign Affairs clears obstacles for foreign enterprises. 
Dalian Foreign Affairs Office continues to work with local and foreign businesses to issue invitation letters (PU letters) for personal returning to work.
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Dalian Social Insurance & Housing Reserve
Payment Standards and Ratios
Plan ahead for social insurance expenses when preparing to hire. Adjusted July 2021.
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COVID19 Vaccine Update: Over 70% fully vaccinated in Dalian
Vaccinations in the key port city of Dalian are bringing the community ever closer to herd immunity.
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