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KASHIYAMA DALIAN is holding a promotional sale!
KASHIYAMA DALIAN is celebrating the opening of its new plant with a HUGE sale! Up to 80% off on a large selection of imported and local products!
2021.06.16 19:51 - Comment(s)
China allows foreign investors to open entertainment venues
Foreign Investment limits on entertainment venues have lifted. 中国法律改定、外国投資者が中国国内に娯楽業の経営が許可され、外国投資比率の制限も廃棄
2021.06.04 17:07 - Comment(s)
The World Health Organization (WHO) approves Chinese Sinovac vaccine for Emergency Use Listing (EUL)
The Chinese vaccine Sinovac-CoronaVac COVID-19 vaccine has been approved for the World Health Organization’s Emergency Use Listing (EUL).
2021.06.03 21:59 - Comment(s)
PLUS商会 会員募集中!
2021.06.01 05:46 - Comment(s)
The World Health Organization (WHO) approves Chinese Sinopharm vaccine for Emergency Use Listing (EUL)
The Chinese vaccine Sinopharm from Beijing Institute of Biological Products (known as SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine [Vero Cell]) has been approved for the World Health Organization’s Emergency Use Listing (EUL).
2021.05.13 17:25 - Comment(s)
Vaccinations for foreigners in Dalian | 外国人在大连接种疫苗
Is the COVID vaccine available for foreigners in Dalian, Liaoning, China? Yes, vaccines are free for foreigners here. If you would like to get vaccinated, look for more information and details in the WeChat article here.
2021.05.12 21:50 - Comment(s)
Dalian Furniture Export Fair (May 13-16)
Whether looking to furnish your own home and office, or buy products to export or resale, the Dalian Furniture Export Fair is a great place to find quality furniture. Most exhibitors specialize in building furniture for export to Japan.
2021.04.26 14:03 - Comment(s)
Even AI needs a drivers license
China prepares new traffic regulations for vehicles equipped for autonomous driving.
2021.04.12 14:20 - Comment(s)
China’s National Immigration Administration Set Up a 24/7 Hotline with English Service
The updated website also offers an abundance of information if you are planning to live or travel in China.
2021.04.10 16:50 - Comment(s)
Dalian's Sky Bridge to Beijing
As an international comprehensive transport-hub city, travel to and from Dalian is already becoming more convenient. Air China and Dalian Airlines have increased flight to and from Beijing.
2021.03.29 15:34 - Comment(s)
2021.03.23 17:00 - Comment(s)
Dalian University of Foreign Languages Alumni Business Union (DUFL-ABU) held a Cultural and Tourism Career Seminar. 
The seminar was jointly sponsored by the DUFL-ABU board of directors and the Dalian Chapter of DUFL Alumni Association. It was attended by Prof. Zhong Qing, the department head of the DUFL Alumni Job Office, as well as 23 alumni from 7 cities.
2021.03.23 16:50 - Comment(s)
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2021.03.17 17:10 - Comment(s)
How to get documents authenticated for China

Whether this is the first time getting a work permit or you lost your work permit and residency during the pandemic, you will be faced with the grueling process of gathering and authenticating your documents before entering China. Will documents you already authenticated in the past still be accepte...

2021.03.15 13:37 - Comment(s)
Dalian’s position as a strategic 
international  shipping port is strengthened.   
Dalian has entered the list of 20 international comprehensive transport-hub cities that are proposed to accelerate construction.
2021.02.27 21:00 - Comment(s)
Tesla comes to Dalian's High-tech Zone
We recently reported on the registration of Tesla Motors Information Services (Dalian). More news brings us insight into their plans.
2021.02.22 16:15 - Comment(s)
Flocks of new business Register in Dalian Jinpu | China Daily Business registration continues to be a success in the Dalian FTZ.
2021.02.22 08:13 - Comment(s)
Do individuals who are already vaccinated have to quarantine when entering China?

During a daily briefing, China’s National Health Commission spokesperson, Mi Feng said that everyone reentering China, whether foreigner or local will have to follow the same quarantine measures. This still applies to those who have already received the vaccine. Mi Feng highlighted that vaccine...

2021.02.10 22:17 - Comment(s)
The Road to Innovation
Self-driving taxis, the construction of charging station for electric cars, and Tesla registers a new subsidiary in Dalian.
2021.02.07 18:19 - Comment(s)