China's 2022 Holiday Calendar

2021.11.29 17:25

China's government offices and institutions will have the following adjusted work schedule.  If you need to care for visa, banking or other important matters, take note of the dates below!

Download and import this schedule into your electronic calendar: 2022 China Holiday Calendar.csv

Download the Chinese Holiday Calendar in pdf format: 2022年节假日安排.pdf

China's 2022 Holiday Calendar
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New Years (January 1-3)

Spring Festival (January 31 - February 6)

Holiday adjustment: Work on January 29 (Saturday) and January 30 (Sunday).

Tomb Sweeping Festival (April 3 to 5 )

Holiday adjustment: Work on April 2 (Saturday).

Labor Day (April 30 - May 4)

Holiday adjustment: Work on April 24 (Sunday) and May 7 (Saturday).

Dragon Boat Festival (June 3 - 5)

Mid-Autumn Festival (September 10 - 12)

National Day (October 1 - 7)

Holiday adjustment: Work on October 8 (Saturday) and October 9 (Sunday).

Source: State Council