Dalian Foreign Affairs clears obstacles for foreign enterprises. 

2021.07.19 15:12

In preparation for the opening of their new factory, Kashiyama (Dalian) Co. Ltd. worked with Dalian PLUS and Dalian Foreign Affairs Office to get invitation letters and arrange visas for management personnel. In appreciation for their support, directors from Kashiyama presented the Dalian Foreign Affairs Office with an embroidered traditional silk banner (锦旗:jǐnqí) with the words 为企业排除解困,为大连锦上添花 (Clearing obstacles for business; adding to the perfection of Dalian)

Kashiyama (Dalian) presents banner to Dalian Foreign Affairs


Zhang ZhanLiang, Representative of Dalian Plus Chamber of Commerce, 

accompanied Kashiyama board members to present the gift. 

Silk banners : 锦旗(jǐnqí)

An embroidered silk banner like the one pictured above is often presented as an award or as a gift out of respect and appreciation for the valuable work of others. In China these may be presented by companies or individuals. You will often find them hanging in hospitals, schools, and government offices as special recognition of the hard work done on behalf of the community. 

Officials from Dalian Foreign Affairs, Kashiyama Dalian, and Dalian Plus Chamber of Commerce meet together.
Kashiyama's new factory

Kashiyama (Dalian) Co. Ltd. 

Kashiyama is a Japanese owned enterprise with locations worldwide. Their smart factory in Dalian reduces the production time for custom tailor suits to as low as 10 days.

Our Story | Kashiyama

PU letters/ TE letters (邀请函)

At the time of the above-mentioned report, Dalian Foreign Affairs had issued invitation letters for 2973 foreigners who are returning to Dalian for business purposes.

If you have foreign personnel returning to Dalian for business purposes and would like to learn more about how to request the PU letter, please contact us.

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