The educational system in Liaoning will see an overhaul that starts this month. | 辽宁省的学制改革马上开始了!

2021.08.03 06:36

Liaoning is immediately implementing the “double reduction” policies (“双减“政策) from the Ministry of Education. “Double reduction” involves lowering the homework load on students and significantly reducing the off-campus training, or supplemental classes (补课班).  Any courses taught in school as a primary course will no longer be offered through supplemental classes. (i.e. science, math, English, etc.)

Liaoning will set up 7 supervision groups that will be stationed throughout the province to confirm these reductions are put into place. 

It is expected that these adjustments will lessen the financial burdens of families and reduce the educational and emotional pressure that children face.  In the long run, this will hopefully create an environment that promotes creativity and innovation.

For more details, please see the following new sources:

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