Tesla comes to Dalian's High-tech Zone

2021.02.22 16:15

We recently reported on the registration of Tesla Motors Information Services (Dalian). More news brings us insight into their plans. 

Image by Blomst from Pixabay

Full Story(大连高新)

Dalian Gaoxin (大连高新) recently reported that Tesla will build a technical support center in the Dalian High-tech Zone to provide remote technical support and diagnosis services to users across the country. 

The registration of this project indicates that Dalian has become an important city for the distribution of Tesla’s auto service sector in China, and it will add a new force to the auto service industry in the high-tech zone. Tesla Automotive Information Service (Dalian) Co., Ltd. is the first technical service company established by Tesla in China, and it is also the first Fortune 500 company project in the high-tech zone this year.

Tesla Dalian will focus on exploring the field of automotive services, applying new techniques and technologies to expediate new models, to launch online processing of business such as system upgrades, vehicle maintenance, etc., and contribute to the advancement of the industrial chain and value chain.