Simplify Invoice Requests! 微信发票助手

2021.11.09 22:21

Whether you are running your own company or making purchases on behalf of your employer, it is important that you get proper invoices before being reimbursed with company funds. 

Chinese VAT Invoice
WeChat Invoice Assistant 微信发票助手

VAT Invoices require the purchaser’s name, Tax ID, Address, Phone Number and Bank info.

Quickly save, access, and share the data with WeChat's Invoice Assistant(微信发票助手).

  • Search WeChat for the Mini-App 微信发票助手 (Wēixìn Fāpiào Zhùshǒu)
  • Enter the required company information under “添加发票抬头” (1)
  • After saving the information, you can access the Invoice Title information through the Mini-App or your WeChat's Profile Page. (2)
  • Don't forget to add the mini-program to 'My Mini Programs'
  • When a new vendor or supplier needs your information, you can either let them scan the QR code or send the Invoice Title through WeChat.
WeChat Invoice Assistant
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