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G.NEXT Indoor Golf Center
G.NEXT Indoor Golf Centers are located in ZhongShan Qu and KaifaQu. Keep your game up at the driving range or get a private room to play 18 holes with friends.
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会社設立; ビザ | 労働許可 ; 人事代行 ; アドバイザリーサービス ; 翻訳
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KASHIYAMA DALIAN is holding a promotional sale!
KASHIYAMA DALIAN is celebrating the opening of its new plant with a HUGE sale! Up to 80% off on a large selection of imported and local products!
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PLUS商会 会員募集中!
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Dalian Furniture Export Fair (May 13-16)
Whether looking to furnish your own home and office, or buy products to export or resale, the Dalian Furniture Export Fair is a great place to find quality furniture. Most exhibitors specialize in building furniture for export to Japan.
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Dalian University of Foreign Languages Alumni Business Union (DUFL-ABU) held a Cultural and Tourism Career Seminar. 
The seminar was jointly sponsored by the DUFL-ABU board of directors and the Dalian Chapter of DUFL Alumni Association. It was attended by Prof. Zhong Qing, the department head of the DUFL Alumni Job Office, as well as 23 alumni from 7 cities.
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