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ShanShui S Hotel (山水S酒店)
A beautiful hotel centrally located in Dalian with comfortable rooms and the amenities a foreigner would be accustomed to.
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Dalian University of Foreign Languages Alumni Business Union (DUFL-ABU) held a Cultural and Tourism Career Seminar. 
The seminar was jointly sponsored by the DUFL-ABU board of directors and the Dalian Chapter of DUFL Alumni Association. It was attended by Prof. Zhong Qing, the department head of the DUFL Alumni Job Office, as well as 23 alumni from 7 cities.
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G.NEXT Golf Simulator Adjusted business hours for Chinese New Years 春節期間営業時間 | 春节营业时间调整通知
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Three reasons you should be interested in Dalian.
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開催時期 1月~228

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